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What We Do

Inspection of Dams

Inspection of dams and rivers, especially around Mining locations.

To Locate Drowned Victims

To locate drowned and missing Victims/Persons as soon as possible to ensure the family has closure.

Recovery of any Equipment

Underwater recovery of any equipment, vehicles and or possible stolen property to ensure effective investigations and successful prosecutions.

    Missing Person’s Searching

    Do you have a missing friend or family member?

    We can with the help of our strategic partners SAPS and SASI (Registered NPC) missing persons department assist in all disciplines of missing persons.

    Commercial Diving work

    We use scuba gear to go below the surface of the water to inspect, repair, remove or install equipment and structures. We use a variety of power and hand tools and may conduct tests or photograph structures under water, depending on the clients needs

    About us

    The idea of starting a Search and Rescue Unit comes from one person having a dream and a passion for helping and aiding people and communities in distress.

    To respond to emergency situations in the shortest time possible. To bring closure to families who has lost love ones due to unforeseen circumstances.

    To retrieve/recover objects whereby someone has lost valuables or property and to assist in missing persons in the shortest and fastest way possible to bring such person safely to their families.

    Where it started It all began 12 years ago when Andries Lee started as a Police Diver. Having the God given gift to do what so few people have the chance to do or even fear doing.

    One of the most dangerous “Callings” as a gift and the satisfaction of bringing closure to families who

    has lost love ones in drowning incidents.

    This non-pro􀃶t organization prides itself by using it’s funds purely for managing the unit and assisting anyone who wants to get involved for the necessary training. This initiative is only in favour

    of our community.

    If you would like to donate and help the community please contact us.

    We are registered as a nonprofit organization and Our PBO Number (for tax returns) is 930062191

    Search & Rescue

    Water Rescue

    Missing Persons Search

    Commercial Diving

    Drowning Investigations

    Inspection of Dams

    Recovery of Equipment in Dams



    Andries Lee

    (Founder | Director)

    Diver | Skipper


    072 335 4442

    Jaco Nagel



    079 891 5763

    Blackie Swarts



    Jaco Swarts

    Dive – Support

    Werner Voster


    Leon Cassel

    Diver | Fire & Rescue | Skipper 

    Zelda Lee

    (Financial Manager)


    Elgar Guy

    Dive – Support

    Jean van der Walt

    Dive – Support

    Gert Lubbe

    Dive – Support | Fire & Rescue



    Contact Us

    Cell: 0723354442 

    Email: andries@delta1rescue.co.za

    Address: 28 Paul Kruger Street | Hendmar Building, 1st Floor | Trichardt | Mpumalanga | 2300

    28 Paul Kruger Street | Hendmar Building, 1st Floor | Trichardt | Mpumalanga | 2300


    072 335 4442